Introducing Stomp Board 1.5.0: Your Ultimate Guitar Amp Plug-In by BBE Sound

Jun 7, 2023 by victor Permalink

BBE Sound is proud to unveil Stomp Board 1.5.0, the latest release of their acclaimed guitar amp plug-in. This all-in-one solution, in collaboration with Plugivery, brings an array of features and effects right to your fingertips.

Stomp Board 1.5.0 is a standalone application that includes a collection of plug-ins inspired by the legendary BBE Stomp Ware Classics. With an integrated amp simulator and 8 meticulously modeled premium effects, achieving your desired guitar tone has never been easier.

Compatible with Windows and macOS in AAX, AU, VST, and VST3 formats, this versatile plug-in offers seamless integration into your preferred digital audio workstation.

Enjoy the freedom to load and chain the 8 effect pedals in any order with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Explore endless possibilities and tailor your sound to perfection.

The host application provides a dedicated and finely tuned Gate, along with 4 integrated Amps that deliver instant rock-ready tones. The tilt-style Tone control offers precise global EQ adjustments, while the inbuilt spring reverb adds depth and ambiance. Complete control is at your fingertips with input and output knobs, as well as gain staging metering for optimal signal management.

Experience the power and versatility of Stomp Board 1.5.0, where classic analog effects meet the convenience and flexibility of the digital realm. Elevate your guitar playing and production workflow with this game-changing tool from BBE Sound.

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